DSH Medicaid Data Match Product - Merit Healthcare has developed software that allows us to help clients capture all of the DSH Revenue due the hospital as well as being 100% in compliance with current DSH Regulations. We have accomplished this through the development of approved proprietary software in conjunction with the technical experience of our staff. Merit Healthcare has worked successfully with clients on DSH Submissions, Audits and Reopenings

Bad Debt Data Match Product - Merit Healthcare has developed proprietary software that allows a hospital to ensure proper submission of a bad debt listing to the intermediary. This software captures all allowable bad debts to be claimed with the assurance that the hospital is in compliance with Medicare bad debt regulations.We accomplish this by utilizing the hospitals data in conjunction with the Medicare Electronic Remittances advice through a data match process. This data match ensures only Medicare Patients are claimed and only deductible and Co-insurance for those patients are claimed. We further run the patients through the Medicaid Data Match System to ensure that the ones claimed as Medi-Medi's (Medicare and Medicaid) patients are actually eligible for Medicaid. This allows for the hospital to ensure that any circumvention of the billing process due to Medicaid Eligibility is proper.

This product pays for itself in additional Medicare Bad Debt found and reduced audit adjustments. Merit Healthcare will review your past bad debt submissions on a contingency reopening basis with no payment unless additional reimbursement is found Or Merit Healthcare will review on a Current Submission basis for a fixed Fee. Again the product will pay for itself or you pay nothing.

IME Managed Care Data Matching Products - Merit Healthcare Consulting, Inc. has proprietary software that utilizes a data matching process to ensure all of the reimbursement due a hospital is received for Time Managed Care Days. Tracking these days is hard for a hospital as many patients are misclassified as regular HMO days when in fact they are Medicare HMO days.MHC has found that some hospitals are not billing for whole insurance codes that are Medicare Managed Care and eligible for reimbursement. This can result in Hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost reimbursement. Merit Healthcare can identify these claims eligible for reimbursement and help the hospital to get the proper payment. We can do this review in prior periods as well as current periods to ensure proper payment. In most cases the cost of the IME Product will be a fraction of the recovered reimbursement allowing the service to pay for itself